How Badly do you Want it !!

by linda

Hello – and welcome to my blog.  Thank you for stopping by.  Focus of today is how badly do you want to get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle?  Do you find yourself making excuses not to exercise and eat clean?  Do you say:  there is not enough time in the day; you can’t afford it; it is too early; it is too late; it is somebody else’s fault; you are unprepared; you are too tired; you are too old; you are too weak; you don’t understand it; I quit; if only this or if only that?  Well, you must not want it badly enough.  Make time in your day to get it done; start earlier or go later; find a less expensive option; learn it; figure out what will work for you; be prepared.  Just do it!  I leave you with this thought:  Do something today that your future self will thank you for.  Please leave comments as I would love to hear from you and check back often for healthy recipes, tips, workouts and just some fun randomness.

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