Diet and Nutrition

The number one problem I see with new clients is they think they need to starve themselves to lose weight.  This is far from true.  By not eating enough calories your body will go into what is called “survivor mode”, where it will begin to lose muscle during a starvation period or a deprivation period.  If you drastically decrease your calories, you may lose some weight, but the majority of that weight loss is muscle and water weight.

By losing muscle during this process, you are simply slowing down your metabolism.  This is the reason why many people regain weight they lost when they resume normal eating after a crash or extremely low calorie diet.

In the beginning, on a super low calorie diet, a person will lose muscle, water and a little fat.  After a period of two to six weeks, they begin to feel deprived on their super low calorie diet, so they begin eating again, thereby, gaining the weight back.  To their surprise, they gained not only the weight they lost back, but oftentimes a bit more.  They get frustrated and start the “yo-yo” process again.

Most importantly, the reason why a person will gain weight back after a period of low calorie dieting is they have slowed down their own metabolism by losing muscle during that period.  Their body used their own muscle as a source of energy thereby slowing down their metabolism.  Remember the more muscle you have the faster your metabolism and the less muscle you have the lower your metabolism.

Eating a diet of “clean foods” is a natural and most effective way of losing and maintaining ideal weight and making you feel healthy and full of energy.  Please check out the simple steps to start clean eating.  I will post recipes that are nutritious and delicious focusing on whole clean foods that are close to the source.  Most importantly they will be “worth the calories”.

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