Swimsuit Tips

I know that shopping for a bathing suit can be rather daunting for most.  Since we live in Florida it is a necessity!  Below are a few things to consider in finding a suit that will be the most flattering to your body type.   After all your hard work with exercising and making healthy food choices, you want to look your best!!

If you are pear shaped, you have larger hips and smaller shoulders with your waist being larger than your shoulders.  A flattering suit would be a one piece with tummy control or other design feature to create the illusion of a waist line.

If you are apple shaped, you have broader shoulders and smaller hips.  A two piece bikini or tankini with a solid top and colored bottom would be a flattering choice.

If you have a small bust,  try a halter bikini top that has a seam just under the bust or is lightly padded on the top.

If you have a fuller bottom, a skirted swim suit would be flattering, or perhaps a “boy short” style.

If you have an athletic build, your shoulders, waist and hips are similar in width.  A suit with detailing around the waist (either one or two piece) would be flattering.

If you have an hourglass figure, you have balance between your shoulders and hips with a smaller waist.  If this is you, just about any style will flatter.  Lucky you!

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